We are a team of scientists, programmers and one sentient mollusc that hasn’t learned how to talk yet. What brings us all together? We have a big passion for interesting ideas.
In our free time you will find us somewhere in the countryside, at the beach, or in a park having long conversations about everything and nothing. In our last conversation we were discussing how many interesting ideas can be found in the world of biology and how few people are aware of this.
Sharing ideas is important, especially in the scientific world.
BioBranch is our attempt to get more people to start talking about biology.
Will you join the conversation?

Our Mission

To provide science enthusiasts with the necessary equipment, lectures and guidance to start their own scientific experiments or become proficient in understanding the scientific world.

Our Vision

We believe that by making science more engaging today, we will spark the curiosity of those, who will build a better tomorrow.

The Team


nonhuman animal companion